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Jummah Prayer, Daily Prayer Sign Ups and Prayer Schedule

InshaaAllah we plan to have Fajr and Isha prayers and Jummah prayer this week at our Masjid Ibrahim in a limited capacity with restrictions in line with CDC guidelines. This is for this week only, we will decide about how to move forward next week based on the experience of this week. We will live stream Jummah on zoom (zoom link below) and our new Facebook page: Here are some information and restrictions

1. Only male adults are allowed for any congregational prayers at the Masjid at this time due to covid19 situations and space constraints. No kids, No elderly and anyone who is sick, have symptoms or tested positive for Covid19 recently.

2. Make Wudu at home, restrooms are out of order. You must bring your own prayer mate and wear face masks. 

3. Social distancing will be enforced, stay at least six feet away from other musalleens, No handshake, no huggings or standing around after the prayers.

4. We have very limited capacity, Sign-up is mandatory. Sign-up links below.

5.  For daily prayers*, doors will open five minutes before and door will be closed few minutes before the Jamaath. Please disperse right away after the prayer, again no handshakes or huggings or physical contact with one another, stay six feet away.

6. By signing-up for prayers and coming to the masjid for prayer, you agree to the following

I testify that I am healthy, I don’t have any symptoms and I am not tested positive for Covid19 recently. I understand this is optional and I am aware of risks involved in attending the Prayer Services at the Masjid. I agree to follow all restricted Masjid guidelines due to Covid19 circumstances. I agree that I take the personal responsibility and Masjid/Islamic Center or anyone at the center is neither responsible nor liable for any damages/consequences.”

7. InshaaAllah we may do temperature checks and have sheriff available if needed.

8. Based on the Jummah sign-up by Wednesday, we will decide whether to have one or two Jummahs.

9. Thanks to volunteers who agreed to be there help us to enforce CDC guideline. We humbly ask everyone to support them and follow their directions. Please don’t say or treat them in any disrespectful, mean way or harass them. Wallahu Mustha’aan. Volunteers are doing this for the sake of Allah to protect our precious community.

10. No foods, No snacks and No drinks.

11. Sign-up forms: Here is the sign-up form for daily prayers:

Here is the sign-up form form Jummah prayer:

Please find the prayer schedule for the month of Shawwal as well.

We are operativing at a limited capacity to protect the health and lives of our precious community, please take the Covid19 seriously and limit exposure to each other as much as possible. If you don’t feel comfortable or concerned for any reasons, please stay kindly stay at home and do the needful. We are following CDC guidelines to protect the health and well-being of our community and all families are encouraged to pray at home if possible.

Here is our zoom link for Jummah:

Jazakumullahu khairan for your patience and understanding, based on this experience we will decide how we move forward in the future inshaaAllah.

With Love and Respect.
Board, ICSWFL.

  • Please Donate generously towards EXPANSION funds for Masjid. Our Islamic Center now accepts donations online using debit/credit cards. Please click here donate.

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